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24 C

Of Co-offenders


From p. 37. No 2
1 Punishment for contributing by petition or encouragement
If an offender no otherwise contributed or endeavoured
to contribute to the production offence than by
petition A or encouragement, any or every article in
the punishment may be omitted or abated. To p. <add>25. No 2</add>


From p. 25 No 2
2 Punishment for connivance
For connivance conniving at any offence at a any period
prior or contemporary to that of the obnoxious event, if the ordinary
punishment have any thing of corporal ignominy belonging to
it, the offender may be punished with the ignominious
punishment of the Conniver's bandage. + + See Tit. Punishment § This at option
and at discretion. At any rate In any case he may be punished
with fine and imprisonment: either or both at option and
at discretion: according in proportion to the plenitude of his consciousness. To p. 25. No 3


From p. 37. No 1.
3 Punishment for Receiving of goods obtained by a crime how punished
Receivers of goods obtained by a Theft, Embezzlement,
Defraudment or Robbery, shall be punished
as suborners to the crime by which the goods were
obtained, if that be known: otherwise as for Theft to the
amount of the value of the goods.


In what manner it the punishment depends upon on consciousness.
In such case, the presumption is that whatever
crime the goods were really obtained by, the presumption
is that he really knew what by what crime they
were obtained: but if if should appear the case is that
they were really obtained by one crime but yet that he
believed them to have been obtained by another, he shall be
punished as for that by which he believed them to be obtained. But

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