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C 29

Of Co-offenders Reasons

a plan still less eligible is the difficulty of which
it should seem, would will be found in many an cases, of in distinguishing the
part of the perpetrator from the part those respective of other co-offenders (a)
Whereas the circumstance of time is so simple an one, that it will always be sufficient
to determine with the utmost precision the
part of the prime-mover, whatever difficulty
there may be in finding evidence to prove where
it is that may have taken such a part.

4. Because the an natural restraining motives instrument is naturally
more exposed to danger than the prime mover.
If there were any be advantage in making it obtaining
a better chance of deterring a man from engaging in
an offence at the suggestion of another than of deterring
a man who first forms a criminal design
from putting it into execution, the nature of things
themselves seems to furnish this better chance. For
those who are concerned in the execution of a
criminal design have commonly more difficulty
and danger to encounter than those who are only
concerned in planning it. The danger of results is to be apprehended
(where there is any) from the resistance of the party injured always attaches
upon exclusively upon the former: and the greatest danger of detection
and apprehension always falls upon them in the
first instance.


(a) The description of the perpetrator is liable to great
variation, according to the nature of the means employ'd.
(See Tit. [Simp. corp. injuries] verbo [occasioning]
Simp. falshoods verbo [cause] and the expositions belonging definitions
of the several other offences.) Unless the definition above
given in ff. 4. should be deemed to have fixed it.

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