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C 39

Of Co-offenders


Five sorts of persons whose claims are nearly equal
There are five different sorts of persons whose claims
to this appellation seem to approach a so near to an equality
as not to admitt of any other than a mere arbitrary
decision. These are 1. the prime mover: or author + + See §. 7. 2.
the characteristic offender: || || See §. 49 3. the person principally chiefly <add> naturally </add> naturally
& chiefly benefited: ╫ ╫ See §. interested in point of profit: 4. the ringleader. ┼┼ ┼┼ See §. 28 5.
the perpetrator. # See §. 4. The titles which they have respectively
to produce are: 1. the ringleader prime mover, f priority
of endeavour: 2. the characteristic offender, peculiarity
of situation: 3. the person chiefly naturally benefited, p
peculiarity of interest: 4. the ring-leader, superiority of exertion: 5. the perpetrator,
actual & immediate perpetration. In the discussion of all these discordant
claims an advocate might find matter for disputation
without end: but the business of a the legislator is not
to raise controversies, but to quiet them.


The person naturally benefitted by the offence is he to whom belongs the natural profit of it
It may of use to understand clearly who is
the person naturally benefitted by each crime offence.
Every offence that is intentionally committed must be
attended with a profit or supposed profit: else it
could not be committed: for there would be no motive
for committing it. But this profit may be either
natural or artificial. By the natural profit is
to be understood that which accrues of course upon
the arrival of the obnoxious event event. By the artificial

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