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C 3.

Of Compensation.

instance, it is so much pure mischief: if it is born by the person
through whose delinquency it happened, it operates in
the way of prevention, and is attended with the good effects
of punishment. If therefore there be ever so small an appearance
of blame, and ever so small a chance of preventing
a person from incurring the like blame another time,
this chance is so much clear benefit.
Primary mischief to be explained — if this is published separately — author

2. — falling on the damnifier, it puts a stop to the primary mischief —
2. It is only by Compensation that a stop is put to the
primary mischief of the offence.

3. — and is necessary even to the putting a stop to the secondary.
Without compensation a compleat stop is not put even to
the secondary mischief. By punishment indeed this mischief
is put a stop to, in all the instances where, through the influence
of the punishment, the offence is not committed; Still not completely obviated because in many cases the theft may not be detected it remains,
however, in the instances where the offence is committed.
Compensation puts an end to it even in these;
at least in such of the them in which it is prosecuted on with effect.
If theft for instance be punished in a proper manner, Theft
will certainly not be so often committed as it would be were it

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