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43. C Of Compensation.

whole. Now what is thrown upon the Fisc or other large and public
funds is broken down into impalpable portions:(a) to wit by
being distributed among all the contributors to the fund. 2. In an
Individual a loss would produce a greater sensation than in the public,
even were it only for on account of its being unexpected. In an individual, losses falling
unexpectedly produce a sudden shock. On the public, that is on
the whole number of contributors to the public fund, they produce
no such shock. In general nobody when he pays his
contribution to that fund, sees what he pays for: he knows not
that he pays on account of one exigency more than of another.
And with regard to any loss that can be brought about happen upon any given
occasion through criminality, by delinquency, extraordinary indeed must be
the case, if each man's share of it be not a less quantity than
any thing that is assignable.

4. Much more, Not to make a gain.
4. The public It can much better afford not to gain, than an individual
to lose. For to lose produces pain; when (even to an individual)
not to gain produces none.


(a)Hence in one respect one the benefit of Insurance offices. The public frequently grants
indemnifications to individuals. In so doing it would could never do any good,
if the above axiom were not true. It is for this reason too and no other that
taxes ought to be equal; that is proportionable.

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