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Written / between Ao 1775 and Ao 1780. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Religious Sanction.

We now come to take an account of the advantages
and disadvantages of the Religious Sanction.

In doing this we shall still continue our enquiries
under the same heads we have employ’d with
reference to the two temporal Sanctions. These heads
however will not include all the observations we
shall have to make on the subject of the relative to the sanction now under
chapter consideration <add>review</add> To the list of disadvantages we shall have
two articles to add which would not apply to either
of the two temporal Sanctions: excepting one species only of punishment
belonging to the political.[a]
[a]Forfeiture of the Protection of the Law

These are those of uncertainty and remoteness. The
uncertainty I have shown have it
is not that which respects the of the

The reason why these could not with propriety be applied
to the two temporal sanctions we shall presently perceive.


The uncertainty here in question may apply to any
of the incidents which are necessary to take place, before ere the
punishment belonging to the sanction in question can
actually be inflicted.

2 Events by the uncertainty of which the certainty of a punishment is
Among These are 1st the existence of the source of punishment
in question. 2dly [+]
[+] the fact of the act in question; being in the catalogue of acts obvious to the punishment in question 3dly
the detection & conviction of the delinquent:
4thly event of his being forthcoming in person to receive the
punishment: or if it be not in his person that he is
to suffer of that object: being forthcoming through which
the punishment is to be transmitted to him.
or whatever object it be through which punishment is administered

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