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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Religious Sanction


1. The existence of the Source of punishment
Order 1 & 2 political & morals 3. religions

1st As to the existence of the source of punishment in
question. In this lies the capital disadvantage of
the Religious Sanction. In <add>regard to the two temporal sanctions</add> The existence of the source
of punishment is matter of intuition. Delinquents suffering
under the lack of the executioner, delinquents
suffering under the contempt of their acquaintance, are
every day before our man’s eyes. In regard to the Religious
Sanction the existence of the source of punishment is
matter not of intuition but of argument. The arguments
in favour of it how convincing so ever to the
well informed and reflecting part of mankind have
but little hold on the ignorant and thoughtless, that is
on a vast majority of the species. The persuasion which The bulk of the
people, entertain of its existence, this persuasion as they are persuaded of such as
it is, is commonly grounded rather upon trust than upon conviction.


4 The connection in point of causality between an such or such an act and the infliction of a punishment.
Order. 1. political. 2. moral. 3. religious

2. As to the application of punishment to the act in
question: the existence of the source of punishment being
supposed. As to this point with respect to a great
multitude of acts there has been great doubt and
controversy among men: and that as well among the knowing and considerate, as among the
ignorant & inconsiderate. These doubts & controversies have been at once the cause &
the effect of the different Religions and Sects. About
the principal of those acts which are most really incontestably obnoxious to
temporal happiness, the agreement is pretty general among
the vast multitude of religions, howsoever different
& discordant upon other articles.

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