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Advantages and disadvantages of the Religious Sanction

The controversies that have arisen, have chiefly been grounded occasioned
by by on the attempts that have been made under various Religions
and Sects, to add various acts to the obnoxious
catalogue, that on their own nature have no upon <add>which the principle of utility affords no adequate grounds for</add>
to be found there placing them

With respect to this point the practice of the
political sanction is manifest <add>enough: [+] for the most part generally tolerably steady & consistent: [#]</add> and totally steady: that]
[+] Every body sees that such and such acts are punished by such & such time, which by imprisonment and such and such others again by death it is also
[#] If for any given act one Judge punishes a man with imprisonment so commonly will another Judge
of the moral sanction is also visible manifest, but subject
to be at variance with itself: in the same community
some men annexing their approbation others their disapprobation to the same practise.


3. The detection and conviction of Correct the delinquent. Order — 1. religious 2. moral. 3. political.

3dly As to the detection and conviction of the delinquent,
As to this This is one of the points in which the main strength
of] as to this from
Under the Religious Sanction the
the certainty of these points is entire. No man who was
persuaded of the existence of a state of future punishment
ever entertained a doubt of God’s omniscience.

This is one of the points in which the main strength
of the Religious Sanction consists. In this point
we may observe there is a gradation between the three Sanctions. The
degree of certainty in this behalf is greater under
the moral sanction than under the political: under
the Religious much greater than under the moral:
for under the Religious the certainty is entire.
Those who have the disposal of The moral Sanction condemn upon much less evidence
than it is necessary than the political magistrate should require.
at the same time that it takes in a vast field of evidence
which the political magistrate can do no otherwise
than exclude reject. The moral Sanction rejects no witness

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