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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Religious Sanction

incompetency: it takes silence under certain circumstances
for confession: it admitts evidence at second-hand
and third and so on through ever so many removes: it infers
guilt from previous character and subsequent deportment:
it on the occasion of any [one] particular charge
it suspends its judgment, and takes a middle course between
absolving and condemning: and grounds and
a compleat persuasion of guilt in one instance, on
an incomplete evidence of guilt in many similar
ones. it together On the subject of general character it enters into a course
of enquiry too tedious to be gone through by the political
magistrate, and lays together with respect to the particular fact in question
it lays together circumstances too minute for him to
gather investigate and compare.

Under most systems of Jurisprudence and more but particularly
under our own, the rules of evidence are so constructed
as to shut out a great deal of that light which
common plain sense would admitt to be then let in upon
a question of delinquency: in the anxiety to protect
innocence too much room is left for guilt to escape But
were the doctrine theory of evidence ever so perfect as brought to the utmost
degree of perfection of which it is susceptible, the
precautions necessary to be taken for the security safeguard of innocence
would leave room for many to escape, the
hands of Justice, whom the voice of the public would
not be ill justified in condemning. All these uncertainties
[would] vanish of course before that tribunal, to which
"all hearts are open, and from which no secrets are hid".

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