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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Religious Sanction


Remoteness Perspicuity
Order. 1. moral. 2. political. 3. religious

The circumstance of remoteness is an article in which in
comparison of both the two other sanctions the disadvantage
is altogether on the side of the Religious. In this article
the moral has the advantage over of the political, as the
political has over of the religious. As soon as
instance of delinquency has transpired, the punishment
of the moral sanction all upon him takes place immediately.
That of the moral political Sanction must wait the completion
of the business of procedure. That this process
should be of considerable duration is often necessary
for the attainment accomplishment of the ends of Justice, and in practice
[+] [+] a still greater degree of duration has hitherto been given to it in general than what is necessary to the athievement of those ends.
[it has hitherto been scarce scarce ever reduced to that the utmost degree of brevity which
that] would be consistent with those ends. As to the
Religious Sanction the absolute uncertainty of the period
at which it is to attach is such as throws that event
to a vast and in a manner indefinite distance in the
minds of the bulk of those who have it in
contemplation, how well soever they may be persuaded
of the certainty of it.


8 Want of propinquity which diminishes the real value of a temporal punishment diminishes not that of a punishment of the religious sanction
Now the circumstance of remoteness
is one without dispute of the number of those articles
that diminish the apparent value of any pain
or pleasure.+ + See Introd. Ch. The truth is that as things are circumstanced
in the present life, it diminishes not only the
apparent value but the real. For this there are two in two
reasons in respect of pain; and three reasons in respect
of pleasure. The Remoteness diminishes the
value of a pleasure in two moments 1st by reason of the uncertainty there is

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Religious Sanction

is whether a man shall continue to the same a man's relish for
the pleasure in question shall at the remote
period be as great in comparison to his relief for other
pleasures as it is at the present period. For on the one hand
his relish for the pleasure in question may of itself do what he will decrease;
on the other hand, his relish for the other pleasures more
within his reach may by proper managements be made
to encrease. 2dly on account of the uncertainty of his
living to the period at which is to take place. 3dly
on account of the natural uncertainty, that attends all
human events in general.

The two latter reasons only obtain in the case of
pleasure pain: for such unhappily is the constitution of
human nature, that a man's sensibility to pain is
not liable to be affected by those turns of the imagination
that abate his relish for pleasure. This
pleasure that can be named which a man may
is in great measure his relish for; but to the pain for instance
of a wound he can never [be otherwise than sensible]
cease to be sensible while he lives.
Story of the man who could call off his feelings


It does however the apparent which is that in which the efficacy of it depends
Of these reasons it is plain there are not any that apply to
the real value of the punishments of a future state. Of
there are not any that would match the apparent
value of it seem less to those who are capable
of framing and keeping up in their minds a just aestimate of the matter: that circumstance: but few indeed
are they in whom the imagination is to such a degree
under the government of reason.

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