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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Religious Sanction


Convertibility to Profit
Advantages and disadvantages of the religious sanction consider'd under the same heads as those of the other two temporal Sanctions
.1. as to convertibility to profit. The religious Sanction altogether deficient in this respect unless upon a very particular hypothesis

We now proceed to examine the advantages and disadvantages
of the Religious Sanction under the heads
we made use of with reference to the several modes
of punishment belonging to the political Sanction.
Convertibility to Profit it is plain the punishments in
question can not possess in any degree in the present
life: since they are not to be inflicted in the present
life. I should not have made any mention of this article
were it not on account of a section that seems to [has had
have been embraced by a considerable degree of vogue with] some philosophers.
This notion is that from the unalterable necessary constitution of
things a certain quantity of pain must have been
distributed some where or other. Upon this hypothesis This being the case
the quantity of pain that is spent upon delinquents
may be said in a certain sense to be converted to
profit. For by being thrown upon the guilty it may
in the way of prevention be a means of saving a
certain quantity of their pain which were it thrown upon
the innocent it would not save.


2. Frugality. The religious Sanction eminently deficient in this respect
The punishment is to be as another community

On the score of The article of Frugality suggests an objection to
the the punishments issuing from this source which is too
obvious to be overlooked and too important to be overlooked]
dissembled. On the score of Frugality the punishments issuing
from this source in question are liable to a disadvantage
too obvious to be overlooked. [For
For the sake of an equal profit, than the
expense must be greater under this sanction, than under

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