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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Religious Sanction

and excusable as any thing that deserves that name can
be. For the purpose of helping the imagination to some
faint idea of the intensity of future punishment
it is often represented under the symbol of
that mode of pain punishment which of all those that are familiar
to men, observation is mot intense; the pain occasioned produced
by the application by fire of burning fewel to the body. From
the being continually mentioned the being consider'd as as a symbol being that
kind of punishment of which the punishment of burning
may serve as a symbol, and which consequently
may be said to be in some sort like the
punishment of burning, the transition is easy to its
being considered as being if it were [that very punishment]
a punishment of that very sort. The deception illusion is
in some sort countenanced by the letter of the sacred writings
themselves: the pains of hell being actually typified
by that symbol. I say by the letter: for I suppose
they are few divines who would seriously contend that
it to have been the ambition of the sacred penmen
that it these pains should be literally believed to be precisely no other
the pain of burning, any more than that [it should be
believed] [there will be one great maggots worm to perpetually
employ'd in gnawing the bodies of the damned] the
whole company of the damned will be perpetually
gnawed by one great maggots worm, because the scripture
speaks of the worm that never dies. If this were the
case these punishments could would not be by those very words scriptures us we are
assured they are,+ + Foster said this was predicated only of happiness or such as the eye hath not seen, neither can

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