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Of the three Sanctions. Religious Sanction

Religious Sanction parcelled out by the Code The ceremonies from which a man is wont to
be excluded under the English Government and
Religion are 1st & 2ly. The above two Sacraments. 3dly
the liberty of joining in Public worship: 4thly the
benefit of having the Burial service said over
him. Que. the being prayed for All These punishments are all of them
as in the number of those that are included
under a sentence of Excommunication. They are
not any of them any of them ever [] inflicted by any separate sentence; but (such has been the usage go
constantly in conjunction.

We come now to examine consider [and state] what the influence a
now attributed to these punishments are supposed to have upon salvation
which these punishments are supposed to have upon
a man's salvation: in other words [how much they
are supposed to carry with them of the force of the
religious sanction they are supposed to carry with
them and exert against the delinquent.][+]
[+] with how much of the force of the [religious] sanction they belong they are suppose to act upon the delinquent.

As to two of these ceremonies, Baptism and the
Burial service the occasion of taking the benefit
of them occurs but once: of Baptism, during life;
of the Burial service, after death. As to the two
others, the Lord's Supper and Public worship, frequently.


[a] Exclusion from the Sacraments is to be reckoned as a distinct
punishment from that of exclusion from places of
Public Worship. For the Sacraments though most frequently administer'd

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Of the three Sanctions Religious Sanction


12 Cases in which the exclusion from Baptism may operate as a punishment — but rare
As to Bapt the sacrament of Baptism, it must be
an extraordinary instance if in our Church any
person of an age to committ an offence can be
in want of it: Baptism as we have observed being
performed upon a man but once, and that commonly
soon after his birth. By accident however Various sets of persons
however may come to stand in need of it.
by accident. Persons of the established Church, who
from some neglect in those who have had the government
of the early part of their lives, or from some
accidental exclusion from Christian society, may
have arrived to the age of maturity without the
benefit of this ceremony. Persons originally of no
Religion, or of a Religion different from the Christian,
Christians not using Baptism, or using a
mode of Baptism reputed null by the Church of
England, any of these may come to stand in
need of it upon their conversion to that Church.


13 Those in which exclusion from the Sacrament may operate as a punishment, are frequent
With respect to the Sacrament of the Lord's
Supper the doctrine of the Church is that it ought
to be repeatedly and frequently taken partaken of, and
that by adults, of all ages. This therefore in respect
of frequency making so much greater a figure than
the other, is commonly called without addition
the Sacrament.

NOTE continued

administer'd at Church may be and often are administered.
in private houses. There indeed it is that they must be administer'd, if
at all, to one who lies at the point of death: at which
juncture (they are supposed to be of the most their) importance,
is may naturally be supposed to be at the greatest.

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