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Of the three Sanctions Religious Sanction


13 Quantity Value of <add>spiritual</add> punishment be inflicted by the Magistrate.
We now come to consider the influence which
these punishments of the Religious Sanction in
general and these punishments in particular are
supposed to have over upon a man's salvation: in other
words with how much of the force of that sanction
they are supposed to act upon a delinquent.

By a state of salvation is meant a state
of happiness; by a state of damnation a state of misery.
This The two states are related in the way of
opposition:[+] [+]Q II A mean state not admitted. and unless a mean state of indifference were admitted, (which seems in general not to be the case,) to speak of the presence of the one would be the same thing as to speak of the absence of the other. the presence of the one is the absence of
the other. Whatever therefore is said of the one may
be applied by an obvious conversion to the other. I shall
confine myself chiefly to the latter, that being the most
interesting object of the two: for in equal chances for
equal degrees of pleasure and pain a man is
apt to be more affected by the former latter than by the
latter former. I suppose there is no man who is not much
more affected by the thought of enduring unmeasurable
pain than by the thought of simply not enjoying
unmeasurable pleasure.


14 This is liable to variation only in respect to the term Degree of certainty.
The efficacy of which these punishments are thought
to possess must appear to display itself in one or
other of those two four ways: in subjecting a
man 1st to a certainty of the extremest misery: misery in the extreme: or 2dly
to a chance of the extremest misery: misery in the extreme: or 3dly to a certainty
of some lesser degree of misery; or 4thly to a
chance of some lesser degree of misery.

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