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Written between from 1775 to & 1780

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Moral Sanction

In taking We now come to take an account of the advantages and disadvantages
of the two auxiliary sanctions. In doing
this we shall still pursue the same plan that
we have all along proceeded on in taking the like
account with respect to the several species of the
punishments belonging to the political. from In this part of our subject however
our field of observation will be much more
confined than it was before. has been hitherto In respect of quality species
the two auxiliary sanctions are not susceptible of any
new varieties. The reason of this has been already
given. The punishment of the moral sanction
includes evils of all qualities species without distinction,
and of that those of the religious sanction the qualities are utterly
unknown. inscrutable. This consideration [+] [+] with respect applied to to the moral Sanction will either lay silence altogether or very much abridge our enquiries under [is sufficient to] lay out exempt us
from making any enquiries of the case the heads with respect to the moral sanction the following heads 1 Convertibility to
profit. Frugality, Subserviency to Reformation, Analogy
and Popularity: to which we may add simplicity of
description: of a quality which belongs only to a
single punishment, determinate assignable or smaller groups assortment of determinate
assignable punishments, in preference to a
larger. The quality property of popularity however we may say, considering the matter in a general point of view it
cannot but possess in the greatest highest most perfect degree degree of perfection:
since this punishment being just what the people
themselves who are both judges and executioners are pleased
to make it. The only way in which it may become deficient

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