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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Moral Sanction.

deficient in this article in particular instances is this: one man may carry
his resentment against a particular transgression farther
than others who are equally apprized of it sit together with him in judgment over it,
may think reasonable. This however makes forms no
objection against any sentence whereby those who have
the disposal of the political sanction than may think fit to call
in the assistance of those who have the disposal and deliver a note over to the
dispensers power of the moral. Such a sentence [+] [+] provided it confine itself to those cases in which the moral sanction is disposed to co-operate with the political in itself
cannot can hardly in itself be otherwise than popular: howsoever any particular
man may chance to go counter to popular
opinion in the part he takes in the creation
of it. A man For some infamous act, a fraud
for instance, or some scandalous abuse of the venereal amorous
appetite a man is sentenced to infamous punishment: he is
is set for instance proclaimed infamous, for instance, or set in the pillory. Th In consequence
he becomes the object of general aversion, is reduced
to poverty in degrees, and and a particular person seeing him in
distress, suffers him to perish suppose for want of
his assistance. This obdurate executioner of the moral
sanction will probably be blamed: but the blame will
not scarcely be extended to the political judge who when
he deliver'd the offender over to the power of the moral
sanction, had no reason to think it would be
thus severely exercised.

The enquiry however in the present chapter properly
regards only so much only of the punishment of the moral
sanction as naturally & of itself attaches upon any obnoxious
act, without any thing done by the political magistrate
to call it forth or aggravate it. In this view we shall

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