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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Moral Sanction.

shall make a few remarks on it under the three remaining heads of
equability variability divisibility and certainty exemplarity.
The two first respect solely the quantity of the suffering: the
last respects the article of quality in some measure as well as that of quality quantity.

In point of equability it has not all that perfection
which at first sight thought one might imagine it to
possess. Every man it will be said, be his rank
and occupation what it may, will have his circle
of [connections] friends and acquaintance. Now To become
the objects of aversion to his circle will be therefore be neither more nor less as penal
to one man than to another. it will be [because
to his] stand in the same predicament with respect
to his. This however seems not to be uniformly altogether
the case. Men of the very highest ranks in th life
are in some manner some measure above the force of the moral
sanction, men of the very lowest are below it.
it exerts seems to exert itself with most efficacy on the middle
ranks of life. Services which men of middling stations
can obtain only by the personal esteem in which
they are held by those that know them, men of
higher stations can command, partly by the riches or the power which
accompany those stations, partly by the mechanical
respect which men are wont to pay to the station
itself without regard to the individual that fills
it. As to men of the lowest ranks the services it
lies in the their way to receive even when their reputation is
entire are comparatively so few and of such small importance, that
by the loss of that reputation they have not much to + + "Les hommes d' un rang infericur ont moires be soni de l'estime publique que ceux d'ure etat plus chre, & que re regardent avec plus de defiance & de alousic Sect. 29. Des Duels." Translator by Morillet lose.
A labourer, let be his character be ever so bad indifferent, if has he
does his work will commonly get his time employment. He will have

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