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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Moral Sanction.

have that to live on: that will procure him the necessaries
of life: and it will not in general lie in his
way, by any thing by [can do to recommend himself
to indulge] any degree of favour he may stand in with those
he is connected with, to indulge himself in superfluities.
At the same time the [constant attention employment he
is forced obliged to bestow on his] business he is engaged
in by be it what it may [at the same time which that] it
necessarily fixes introduce him to the society of certain persons makes
society in general a matter of less importance to him
than it is to those who having no business or less business
find it necessary to plunge into society in
order to find employment for their thoughts. He is
not but little in a way to be benefitted by any other services
than the few necessary ones which his scanty
pittance is sufficient to command. His social
connections are confined chiefly within the circle
of his own family. Of The caresses of his wife, the
obedience of his children,[+] [+] of his brute domestics are sufficiently secured to him by Nature & the power of the Law.Go through the other causes of sensibility. The Stature and the power of the law gives him secure
right to secures him in the possession. Enjoy The Enjoyments
derived from these sources go near are pretty well enough to fill up the short respite
he has from his labours.

In point of variability divisibility it is evident the moral
sanction, acting by itself and unassisted by
the contrivances of the political Legislator, can
occupy no great latitude. The punishment belonging to it will in general
will not rise in general to any very high degree; since
in common it exerts itself rather in the debarring of men

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