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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Moral Sanction.

men from pleasures than in the subjecting them to
positive pains.

To Jus.n No 1.
In point of Exemplarity the moral Sanction
[cannot but] unassisted by the political seems to fall short of every punishment that
belongs to the political. issues from the latter source. It possesses not any of
those helps to exemplarity which we have noticed taken
noticed of as being possessed by various several of those punishments.
What one man suffers [from being under the lash]
if at the heads of the moral sanction other men it is not
many other men that have opportunity to
see. Few men are in the way of observing observe the punishment, but those
who contribute to the execution of it. Every man has examples before his eyes In most
cases the knowlege of it is confined to within the small narrow
circle of the delinquent's private connections and acquaintance.
Even these see in general but a small
part of what he suffers. They are witnesses to the have occasion to observe indeed to the
slights and reproaches passed upon him by themselves
and others: they observe the manifestations
of uneasiness he exhibits at the time. But this
he suffers one may say the less does not
last long: he naturally flees the company of those
who are the authors or the witnesses of his shame [+]
[+]The greater part of his suffering is undergone in silent solitude.
and this he is the more disposed to do the more
vehemently their aversion manifests itself: so that
the more he suffers, the less they see of it.

To compensate these disadvantages, the moral
Sanction has one great advantage over the political:
this will be consider'd under the head of the
Religious Sanction, which possesses the same advantage in

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