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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Moral Sanction.

in a degree still higher. At present I shall only
name it. It is this: the being more certain in it's superiority certainty of
its infliction, taking place owing to it's attaching upon less weaker
evidence than what is necessary to justify the
infliction of any punishment by the hands appointment of
the political magistrate.
On the other hand it is liable to be inflicted unjustly

In force of the Moral Sanction is the greater
the greater is the number of the who
lend a hand in it's infliction.

The middle ranks of life are the most virtuous
This observation is more generally true in towns than
in the country. In towns people can never shift their
company — he can be sure of the sight of men & of
promiscuous in Alehouse Collections
In the country if his neighbours fly him he has no resource
but in his family wife & children; & if his has no family wife & children, or
his family he has no resource at all: he has nothing
to do but to betake himself to some town.

A disgraced soldier is the most miserable being upon earth
Hence the sense of honour
1. Certainty on account of evidence
2. Certainty on account of prosecution

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Moral Sanction.

Circumstances tending to strengthen the power of the Moral Sanction
The power which the Moral Sanction has over
men is the greater, the more they are as they are more involved.
This happens on two accounts.

First, Among the higher ranks of people the force of the moral sanction is the greater
as the number of persons who had a hand
in it's infliction is the greater: now this the number
is the greater the greater the intercourse is
betwixt the different several members of the same society: community: because
the greater this intercourse is, the more certainly and
speedily they come to know of each other's good
and ill deserts.

Secondly the more they are civilized the more numerous
are their sources of enjoyment and consequently their
wants. As these in order to satisfy those wants they
have need of the assistance of each other, the
more they have of those wants, they the greater is their
reciprocal dependence. The more in short they are
disposed to suffer [when on any account that
assistance comes to be withdrawn] from that any
alienation of affections which [and as such assistance
were difficult to be obtained] encreases the difficulty
of obtaining such assistance.

Those are alt not the only circumstances favourable which tend to augment the force
to the growth encrease of the force of the Moral Sanction. [A The popularity freedom
of the political government constitution] A popular government, and
a brisk and extensive circulation of intelligence contribute
in no small degree to the same effect.

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