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1 Advantages and Disadvantages

The Moral Sanction and the punishment of infamy considerd together We now come to delineate the advantages
and disadvantages of the punishment belonging to
the moral sanction: in doing which we shall be
delineating at the same time then advantages and disadvantages of infamy or those of the political punishment of forfeiture
of reputation, a punishment which is nothing more than
the punishment force of the moral sanction disciplined
and commanded by the political magistrate.

1. in point of Divisibility. In point of divisibility it has the advantage
of some and species of political punishment
but falls short of others. It admitts is susceptible of
an ins indefinite multitude of degrees: and in this reckoning downwards
from a certain quantity; and in this respect
has the advantage of simple death and of most
species of disablement and mutilation, and of some other
less obvious and less general punishments. But
those degrees depend on good measure upon accident
nor are they capable of being ascertained a priori
with any degree of exactness: and in this respect
it falls short of pecuniary punishment, the most
usual kinds of simple afflictive punishment, such
as whipping, and of Imprisonment and other
punishments that are measured principally
by time. But the of which in point of intensity
it is susceptible is comparatively very low,
and in this respect it falls short of the above-mentioned
punishments and in short of the most
obvious and most usual of the punishments of the belonging
political sanction. This imbecillity was the very and

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