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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Moral Sanction. Ins.

No 1

From p. 5
Variability Divisibility.
There is one circumstance which of itself is sufficient
to prevent the punishment of the moral sanction from
rising to any very considerable heigth in the scale of severity. This
is the locality of it's operation. Whatever may be mortifications the
vexation a man may feel at finding himself the object
of the contempt and aversion of his acquaintance,
he can always free himself from it by change of
place. A man who p has passed for a knave in
one country may pass perhaps for a man of probity in
another. This depends upon the rank & notoriety of the offence. At the highest therefore it can amount to no
more than banishment:+ + But this may be repeated by the transferring after he has formed new connections. commonly only to domestic,
at the worst only to foreign banishment. Nor is it
any thing like perpetual: he has always continually before his eyes the prospect of returning
home sooner or later by the time that when the memory of his transgressions
or the resentment occasioned by them is blown off. passed away.

There is a means [an expedient] by which The political Sanction has it in it's power in enabled to apply
a powerful support corroboration to this the weakness of the moral
sanction in this behalf. This it does by the expedient of
a stigma: whereby the delinquent is made to carry about
with him wherever he goes whithersoever he betakes himself the evidence of his
guilt, whithersoever he betakes himself.
haeret lateri lethalis arundo.

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