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Agricultural Machine Proposal

In this view, and with these means my ambitionwish
would be under the auspices of the Honourable Board
to furnish his Majesty's dominions with the best instruments
of husbandry with the best machines contrivedwhatever they may be
or that can be contrived for the purposes of agriculture at a price of a & in point of quality the least equal, and in point of pricecost more considerably below what they could be obtained for by any other means.
at a reduced price: drill-ploughs for example, or machines for plowing and sowing for example
for threshing, or for straw-cutting or chaff-cutting.
What are the machines that might be by which the
labours of the fieldthe husbandryman might be guided or abridged
andor what theamong machines contrived are the
best adapted to their respective objects, it belongsis out of my not to
competency me to pronounce: both these pointsfunctions, if I do not
misconceive come within the province and are well
deserving the attention of this the Board Honourable Board.

What precise degree of reduction To what extent
the reduction of the price may in process of time be
carried it is impossible for me in the present state infamy or rather emb of
any the establishment to anounce: but at the first step
I will combine to promise and undertake for a reduction
of 2550 per Cent on the workmanship This
it is true will not operate as a reduction of so much
as 25 per Cent upon the selling price: for theas to materials
they it is evident can not come cheaper to my
than establishment manufacting than to others, nor even in allevery instance
equally cheap. Since the advantage of vicinity to the <add>place</add>

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