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Box 106 contains a miscellany of material. Among the topics to which the manuscripts pertain include the panopticon prison's network of 'conversation tubes', a plan for an 'agricultural machine' to be made by the inhabitants of prison or pauper panopticons, Bentham's designs for a Frigidarium, a discussion of the liberty of the press, colonies, and a proposed constitution for Greece.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Folios 327-79, 381-3 have been transcribed and published in Securities Against Misrule and Other Constitutional Writings for Tripoli and Greece, ed. P. Schofield, Oxford, 1990.

The manuscripts are arranged as follows:

  • Folio 1 : Brissot's London Lyceum plan, translated by Jeremy Bentham from the French original [c.1783]
  • Folios 2 to 3 : Entities, real and fictitious [c.1790]
  • Folios 4 to 7 : Conversation tubes, letters to Evan Nepean [1793]
  • Folios 8 to 14 : Plan for a flash pump [1793]
  • Folios 15 to 16 : Agricultural machine proposal, to be made by prison or pauper labour [c.1795]
  • Folios 17 to 75 : Frigidarium, plans, statistics and particulars for a refrigerator [1794, 1796, 1798-1800, 1808, 1809]
  • Folios 76 to 80 : Irish education [c.1800]
  • Folios 81 to 83 : Cicero against Verres, extracts showing the loose morals of those times [no date]
  • Folio 84 : Grammar barbarisms, shall and will [1804]
  • Folios 85 to 198 : Scotch reform, Letter V, Proposita [1807]
  • Folios 199 to 229 : Scotch reform, Lord's delegates [1807]
  • Folios 230 to 235 : Fragment on Government, Prefat, for Defence of Economy, or new edition of Fragment on Government [1810]
  • Folios 236 to 237 : Introduction to the principles of morals and legislation, contents, marginal summaries [1814]
  • Folios 238 to 250 : Liberty of the press, reasons [1817]
  • Folios 251 to 257 : John Flowerdew Colls's Journal, 16 June to 30 December 1820
  • Folios 258 to 263 : Rid yourselves of Ultramaria [1820-21]
  • Folios 264 to 307 : Junctiana proposal (Nicaragua canal) [1822-23]
  • Folios 308 to 312 : Jeremy Bentham à Ternaux, deputé de la Seine (monarchy) [1822]
  • Folios 313 to 326 : Constitutional Code, rule, good, bad [1822]
  • Folios 327 to 394 : Greece, constitution, Bentham's observations on particular articles [1823]
  • Folio 395 : New almanack, hints for it [1823]
  • Folio 396 : Mina's expedition, money-raising proposals, Spain [1828]
  • Folios 397 to 401 : On the supposed love of justice [1829]
  • Folio 402 : Idea of caricature, the moral reform Bill [c.1830]
  • Folio 403 : Education, heads of a system of education for England [1831]

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