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Click Here To Edit IV No3 Chemistry Exssication 1794


As the lowermost
plate will probably
be done dried first, when
that is done take it out sink
the machine and
put on another
at top

The air havin
after it has passed
out, being having
imbibed so much
moisture would
probably be so
much the better
for warming a
hot-house, and
might be introduced
in contact with
the Plants.

Ship-Biscuit Baking
Spot- near a now
with good Water ways
Assist the kneading
fasting the kneading
Dressers and feeding
and discharging the
Oven by Machinery
moved by Steam Engine

Grind by do.

Furnish Biscuit thus
to Scotland

---page break---

Not by exposure
to the common
atmosphere on
heated plates as
in Bissel's method
but by flowing
stream of heated

The air chamber
lined with lead
conductive of heat.
Three strata-wood
flannel and wood

Opposite Valves
to let in the heated
air and keep out
the external.

The Legumes
spread on warm

The blast to
rise perpendicularly
through the plates

Quere whether
any pressure would
be necessary in addition
to the naturally

Land winds (see
Henderson) dry up
the juice of dead
bodies & prevent
putrefaction Ann
Reg.. 1788.[240.]

That it might be
chemically dry, the
air should be as cold
as possible before it is
heated-Frosty weather.

---page break---

Can air be
purified by providing
that shall combine
with the azote
without combining
with the oxygene?

Will the azote
dissolve water as
well as the oxygene?

Which contributes
most to exsiccation
the oxygene or the

Is precipitation
of waterbr from cold
air by cold a mere precipitation
of a menstruum from
a solvent or a

Bumar-a precipitation:
since water
is composed of oxygene
and hydrogene:
Common air of
oxygen and azote
with carbonic acid
by accident.

So the longer time it
takes to put them in
& take them out.

To diminish this,
affe assist the shifting
by Machinery.

Ex. Biscuit-baking
Connect the Batrive Plates
in which the Batches
lie. Let the drawing
out of the baked batch
draw in the Baked one,
or vice versa?

---page break---

Vacuum chamber - a Torricellian Water Tube The stem may be ever so much less diameter than the crown [Line Drawing}


1. Legumes

2. Other Vegetables

3. Fish.

4. Dead Bodies

Vacuum Chamber

Ovens regulation
of heat

For Baking an
Oven have a thermometer
or thermometers,
the stem projecting
out through
the roof of the oven
with a Register for
letting in cold air

Uniformity of
heat in every
part of the Oven
how to insure

Inclose the oven
in a Balneum
with a loaded valve.

To preserve the
heat from inclose
the Balneum in a
bad-conducting case

What may be the
Diameter of such an

The more things are
put into it for Baking
and the colder they are
when put in, the
more of the heat will
be consumed. So

---page break---


A source of illustration
- a
testimony of
ancient or illustrious

Better than
Statues as among
rhe Romans or
Quarter as among
the Germans
and other
modern European

A particular
Apartment for
the remains of
the Royal Family
It would form
an awful and attractive
for the Public.

It should open
only at stated
times in the Year.

Prices rather high
but different for
different classes of
opulence - so that
a visitor by paying
might choose
his company

The profit applied
to some pious or
charitable but not
necessary use

Ex.Gr. Monuments
to illustrious
persons deceased.

If Statues are
preferred this M
i.e Jesus would serve at any distance of time as models to take the Statue from
Keeping alive the memory of the departed Spouse would tend to diminish the frequency of second marriages to the detrimmment of Children.

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1. Catacombs at Naples?
in a convent
Authors who have given
an account of them

1. Sunburn /\

2. Dead bodies at


3. Dead bodies found in
hot sandy Deserts.

Not contrary to Religion

Not seeking to controul

Dead ashes to
ashes as only description
of the common lot
not a precept

We are subject to disease
which living as
to putrefaction after
death. Or this a reason
requisite incidence?

Dr Mounsey left
himself to be anatomized,
and was once anatomized
Ann. Reg. 1788.

Lack preservation
the opposite to immediate
destruction by
burning - and much

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