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Click Here To Edit No 3 National Iconium Exsiccation Chemistry Corpses


1. Catacombs at Naples?
in a convent
Authors who have given
an account of them

1. Sunburn /\

2. Dead bodies at


3. Dead bodies found in
hot sandy Deserts.

Not contrary to Religion

Not seeking to controul

Dead ashes to
ashes as only description
of the common lot
not a precept

We are subject to disease
which living as
to putrefaction after
death. Or this a reason
requisite incidence?

Dr Mounsey left
himself to be anatomized,
and was once anatomized
Ann. Reg. 1788.

Lack preservation
the opposite to immediate
destruction by
burning - and much

at any distance of time as models to take the Statue from.
Keeping alive the memory of the departed Spouse would tend to diminish the frequency of second marriages to the detriment of Children.

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Casts [Bust
{Whole Length

National Iconium

[Iconium a town
of Asia Minor-
probably so called from the
multitude of Images]

Casts of Pers different
persons of illustrious
rank to be
taken at a certain
period and deposited
in the National Iconium.

1. Royal Family
upon their coming
of age

2. Peers upon their
succession to the Peerage-
not to sit
till their casts are

3. Military Commanders
and others
on receiving a Vote
of thanks from the

The casts to be
taken not from
the face only, but
(sabro pendore) from
the whole body.

of the institution
in a point
of view} Religion
}National Entertainment


Perfection of a Form of
Government is as the
perfection of voluntary

Actual obedience depends
on disposition to obedience
disposition on the habit.
Habit (ceteris paribus)
in the ambiguity.

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National Iconium

The image, face
especially, to be coloured
from Nature
Peers to be dressed
in their Robes

The At the back
of each mans effigy
place his Mummy
The Mummies to be
all in the same costume -
either natd
with a only a cloth
round the middle
or in a winding -

- Thus the Effigies
will form one line
or Show: the Mummies

If the Mummy
was placed by the
side of the Effigy,
horror and disgust
might in some
persons poison the
enjoyment derived
from the gratification
of curiosity.

By putting them in
different rows (inclosed
in cases) spectators
would take their choice.
For the sake of confrontation
the Mummy
in its case might
be made to swivel
round to a line with
the Effigy in our vision.

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National Iconium

It would be more
comfortable to the
imagination and
in the feelings of a
man to think of inhabiting
a magnificent
mansion of
this sort after death,
and in such company,
than to be
a prey to vermin
and putrefaction in
a vault or a

That the whole
coup d'oeil might
be the more striking
the Effigies might
be ranged in concentric
circles rising one
above another, but
not so close as to
exclude near approach

The Effigies of the
King - one to be kept
with the Iconium of the Royal Family,
the other with
the Iconium of the

Mould the Effigy
of thea Peer be deposited
only in the
Chamber of the King
in whose reign he
took his seat, or in
that of every King
under whose reign he

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National Iconium

Penalty for wilful
damage done to Icons
or Mummies imprisonment
for life.

An An Iconoium
Circular for each
Kings reign

The Iconium to
be ranged in a circle

The Royal Iconium
in the centre of the
Circle: of course vastly
larger than the particular
Parliamentary Iconium.

CirclesTrees to compleat
the ring - On a
new reign when a
new Parliamentary
Iconium comes to be
added a circle of
trees to be cut down
to make room for it.

For the Royal Iconium ,
the Royal Family
of each reign
to occupy a sector
of the circle: which
sectors may be either all of
the same dimension,
or larger or less according
to the numerousness
of the family.

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