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22 decr 1808


Each side of the balneum
would hold Barrels of
2 gallons diameter 9 inches
in number - 30

Diameter of a Gooseberry
bottle - inches - -5.

Width of balneum inches 24

Length of each side
according as it runs
the whole length or
yields a portion of
its length to one or
two other sides inches 144
Or 120
Or 96

Months for the continuance
of the experiment
say Calendar 102

2 16

The milk experiment
will require to be in
four places each day

1, In balneo at bottom

2. In balneo in suspense

3. In aeri inferori

4 In aeri superiori

3 17

Two seasons for depositing.

1 The earliest time possible
was in Jany. 1809.

2. At the commencement
of the strawberry and
green pea Season.

---page break---


once every two or three
months will be sufficiently
frequent recurring
intervals to
look at the preservanda
for if they are foundnot
to keep for this time
it is decision against
the success of the plan-
but see p.1 Col.4.


Some of the preservanda
to have water with them
in the vessel.

Uses of the water

1. To shew the effect that
may be expected in the
great, in case of leakage

2. As matter of curiosity
to shew the changes, if
any, made in respect
of tenderness, flavour &c.
in the event of their not
spoiling utterly by putrefaction

3. Water has been said to exclude
mouldiness: thence good for fruits, breads &c.


Before they are deposited,
some of the preservanda
may be kept
before to or
commencing putrefaction's

1. To shew whether in
case of their being deposited
in a similar
state, through carelessness
or by accident
in the Commercial
Frigid. the deterioration
would be total, or only
partial: - as in the ordinary
course of trade.

2. As matter of curiosity
and thty: to shew
precisely the influe mode
and degree of the influence
of cold in respect
to the stoppage of fermentations.

---page break---


The milk being the
most accurate test of
conservability, and the
smallest vessels serving
for it, the greatest number
of vessels should be allotted
to this article

There being 365 (say 364)
days in the year, if a
vessel of milk were to be
taken out every day in
the year the number of
vessels would probably be
greater than could be contained
in the room that
could be allotted to this
purpose: viz. as per 16.
1. In balneo at bottom 364
2. In balneo in suspense 364

3. In aeri below 364
4. In aeri above—364



After determining how
many phials -say
4 or 8 ounce phials -
could they be deposited,
then remains to be settled,
if the room be not sufficient,
in what mode the
reduction may be best


In balneo the differences
between bottom and
middle, if any, were
only to the result of the
difference, if any, in
temperation: a
small part of the
whole year will suffice
to shew this difference, if
any, and the result of it

At bottom being the
most unfavourable mode, if
there be any differences,
and rather the least troublesome
let the greatest
number be in this mode

So in air, those at
bpttom are most likely to

---page break---


But in aeri, those
at bottom are most
likely to keep; the heated
air mounting to the top

As it would be best for
the commercial plan that
the articles in air should
not keep, therefore to
give them the best chance
for keeping, let the
greater number be
below, viz. in the Table
overload ofrather than the shelves


The space on the table
and shelves will be made less than
the space that may be
allotted to the milk
in the balneum:

Then there must be
the great reduction.


Quere as to reducing
the phials from 1/2
pints to 1/4 pints?
If so in aeri, it
must be so likewise
in balneo.


The longer the time
the articles have continued
unchangedundeteriorated, the
longer the further have
they may be expected
to continue undeteriorated.
Therefore the
time for the most frequent
(viz. the daily)
observation will be the
commencement of the
time of deposition
say the first month,
2 months or 3 months


Suppose the every
day making 30
2d month 15
3d month 6
4th month 4

---page break---

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