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Evidence in favour of the possibilityprobability of Success Collectania

1. Cattle & poultry killed for the winter as soon as afrost sets in: & along with
vegetables stored up in snow - Wild's America I.395

Nets that had remained all winter undet the ice, were rotted, & the fish escaped
(Long's Travels in America 1791.(p85

1. Putrefaction begins at 54.5o Ft. Chaptal iii, 400

2. Moisture is indispensable, - Exsiccation will preserve meat - Caravans
have been presereved in sand.- Ib. 395

3. Air is necessary- Cherries preserved in a close vessel at the bottom of a
well 40 years. Ib. 274 Journal Economique p79 This
depended not on exclusion of Air, but in preservation of low temperature.

Heat=43.25o & 54.5o Ft.

4. Kirwan and Saussure obs.ve 7+ 7i temp.re of large bod.s of water is steadier
than that of air. - Da Of Earth at some depth still more so.

5. The air bladder of cod opened, & fish will preserve under water. The glutinous
parts abt. the head will not keep 24 hrs. above water even in winter
Encycl. Britt. Art. Gadus.

6. Immersion of in Water preserves against Mouldiness.- Ib. Flowering of bulbous plants

7. Currants kept in water in Russia

8. Boyle preserved fruit in an exhausted receiver sevl.y. McBride found
putrefactn accelerd. in some instances, & retarded in others. Qu. Temperature? Nich. Dict. ii 734

9. Roast Beef in dressed & sent to Guiana inclosed in dripping
Stedman Guiana i.121.

10. Meat in batter brought from Western Barbary to Kalina Brown's Travels p.15

11. Flowers & fruit in powders of bole, nitre, & sand. Enc. Brit. Flower. mis

12. Grapes preserved - Lady Millar's letters j,157.

13. Seals preserved in Seal skin bags for Hearn Journal Hudson's Bay p.166

14. House built over water to keep things in summer Well's America ii 456

15. Ripe Cranberries carried in water. Hearn Hudson's Bay 460

Wine improved by passing thro p tropical Climates - Missionary's

Voyages p.34. - Wine imported improved b

Report on Fish Trade - Aug.st 1800 - Salmon packed in ice - 5 ton a good
cargo - much lost - 15 bushels of salt to 1 ton of fish.

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