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Ir. Educ.

All Living language
ought to have the
preference over the


The French ought to
have the preference
over every other language.

1. We are most connected
with that country

2. The language is that
which has the best
things written in it

3. It is now the language
of liberty.

The German ought
to have the preference
next to the French.

1. It requires teaching
more than any other
after the French - After
The French, the Italian
Spanish & Portuguese
may be learnt without

2. It forms one of
the main roots of our
own language

3. It has after the
French the most useful
things written
in it.

We have no ancient
Greeks and Romans
to talk to, and we
are not the worse for
it. French & Germans
we have

The peculiar beauties
of these tongues we
can not be supposed to
have a true relish for may admire as excellences
what are owing them
as blemishes we

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Latin & Greek

As we do without
the knowledge of
the German, so might
we without that of
the Latin & Greek
More words in our
language are not
derived from the
latter than from
the former


12 Bad Morality

1. Love of war

2. Veneration of
bad political

3. Teach vices which
we punish with
the gallows.

4. Are full of obsenity.

5. Teach inferior

6. Teach irrelevant

7. Teach false
natural philosophy
and natural

The use of languages
other than our own are
1. To converse with
men with whom we
would not converse

2. To learn things
which we could not
very well learn otherwise.]

While men are
acquiring false
words, they are acquiring
false ideas
of things.

---page break---
Sciences Advantages

1. They present
always something new to
be discovered-
Dead languages
possess such no such

2. What is discovered
in them, many of
them, others besides the]
discoverer & reader are the better]

At the public
expense men ought
to be taught nothing
but what is really
useful - what is
agreeable, they will
in proportion as it
is agreeable teach

Nothing is worth
reading in Greek
or Latin that would
not be worth reading
had it been
written in English.
But you actually
have in English
whatever is worth
reading in Greek
or Latin.

Poetry- no more
reason for teaching
it than Chess or

As to the metre
it is upon a level
with punning
As to the imagery
its characteristic
is to give false
views of things-
either obscure or
exaggerated -

Exactness, i:e: truths
is acknowledged to be
the bane of poetry.

---page break---

Poetry when printing
was unknown
and even writing
uncommon had
one use which it
has not now. It
served as a vehicle
for history and
for laws. But
in this point of
view Grays's
is a great
improvement on it.

No Latin or Greek
poetry is either
so agreeable or so
useful as what may
be met with in English

No other English
Poetry is more
agreeable than dramatic
poetry and
novels: none so
useful as good
dramatic poetry
and good novels.
But neither dramatic
poetry nor
novels have any
occasion to be taught.

If Latin and
Greek are taught
they ought to be
taught only in a

---page break---

Fashion only is
what makes Latin
and Greek be regarded
as necessary. Men
learn them, only because
it is a disgrace to
be ignorant of them.

The gravest and
most orthodox among
us are afraid of
making the lower
classes of the people
too much in earnest
about Religion
where they are
they are stolid fanatics:
witness the
Methodists. Zeal
alone without any
peculiar tenets is
enough to make
what is called a

Learning Latin
& Greek morality
&c we learn a
great deal which
puzzles & confines
us - which we
cannot apply but
to over in the
state in which we
receive it, and
which we are obliged
to unlearn
more or less.

Latin & Greek
have the preminence
already in
the old establishments.
If the new system is
inferior the old have
nothing to apprehend
from it: if superior
they may copy it

---page break---

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