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9 March 1807

Appear is a word in common use (what word in more
common use?) and so much the better suited to this flagitous the purpose of
being converted into a snare
purpose. This with amongst so many others has
been taken into hands, infected with technical poisons,
made into a law-word pregnant with questions of
law. Questions of law bred out of it may be seen in lawyers
digest, filling a printed paper solved or unsolved by
propositions in number true or false, filling a 8 pages equal
to two twice or three times as many ordinary ones.

By an order signed by a Judge, a man is commanded
to appear, on a day therein mentioned, at a place therein mentioned: –
what is the consequence? If he on that day Appearing at that time
next at that and place, and but without employing a member of an Attorney
the partnership to appear instead of him at another time and
place, he is punished: employing that member of the partnership,
to appear at that unspecified time and place, but though
not appearing at the time and place commanded, he saves

In process of time, the virtue of fraud having become
effeté, order from such a quarter so to appear, had
become among a class of in the conception of by a part of
the people, came to be understood to signify an order to employ
an Attorney. To mend the snare, the word has
been added. At length notwithstanding the reinforcement reinforced , the
word is understood to have no more sincerity in it than before.
As a general understanding has obtained (this at least is the best
that can happen) result that can be hoped for) that whatsoever comes from that quarter is undeserving of all credit can
not be trusted without injury: the snare has become harmless: the bugbear
alone remains. To save himself from being devoured by it, a man flies of course into the arms of an Attorney.

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