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9 Mar. 1807

7. That for composing the matter tenor of such explanations words
and phrases of the most common use should that the subject on each occasion
affords should be carefully selected.

8. That on account, at least without the fullest warning,
should any such word or phrase be employed in any sense
in which it is not employed in common use.

9. That the use of law, civil and penal, being to direct human serve as a
guide to human conduct in the most
action in the common occurrences of life, no demand can
on any occasion present itself for any article of them which
is not the
(except in so far as the conduct of men concerned conversant
in particular appropriate occupations is concerned) that is
not expressible either immediately, or mediately, as above
by words in common use.

10. That according to the nature of the word, explanation of
any exposition of it may be requisite for either of two purposes.

1. if it be A word not in common Be the extent of its
signification ample or narrow, a word or phrase not in common use
may require exposition for the purpose of conveying a conception
of its import to those who to by whom otherwise no conception
of it might have been formed.

2. When its con signification is to a certain degree extensive
and in that from that cause unsettled, a word even in the most common
use may stand in need of exposition for the purpose of fixing
the import of it with reference to the subject in hand.
It is thus with In this case for example stand the words force, compulsion,
fraud, as abovementioned.

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