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4 March 1807

4. Such being the shapes in which injustice in judicature is capable
of manifesting itself, and the sources in which it is capable
of finding its cause, I move now to the article of remedies.

I shall first in the first place bring to view such as may be termed
direct, and after thence proceed to suggest others which in comparison of the former may be termed indirect remedies.

Direct Remedies so much of it as In so far as it has its source in the System of – the
system of procedure established in the country in question, it
admitts plainly but of one remedy, amendment of the system
itself: removal of the imperfection by which, whether by design,
or negligence or ignorance, it has been rendered or left unfit incapable
to the degree in question, for of fulfilling the ends of justice.

By such amendment, in proportion as it extends according to the extent of it, the
administration department of justice will be cleared not only of that
fixt mass fixt and as yet of injustice which is fastened upon the country
by the system itself independently of any misconduct male practice on the
part of suitors or any other of the dramatis personæ of belonging acting
to in the theatre of justice, but moreover of all such injustice to the
perpetration of which, howsoever aimed and endeavoured at, the
system with its vices is a necessary instrument, as well as of
such injustice to which under and by virtue of the
system, and not otherwise, Accident is capable of giving birth.

Of one amendment, and the only one of which, in my
view of the matter, the existing System, viz: in every country
the technical, as above described is susceptible, an idea has
already been given in one short and comprehensive expression,
substitution of the Natural System throughout.

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