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27 Feby 1807

As to parties, in whatever occasion In whatever case it is upon the whole the interest of a party
to create superabundant delay, so much of that mischief as
the system puts or leaves it in his power to create, so much
ought the legislator to expect to find regularly constantly created of course.

As to the Judge under the technical, the fee gathering System,
it is his interest to create it throughout his interest urges him constantly to the creation of it, as so often
mentioned, viz: in respect of the expence attached to it, and
the profit incoming to the partnership of which he is a member
out of the expence.

Under the natural system, that sinister principle of action
being out of the question, we must so far as delay has
its roots in any imperfection on the part of the Judge, we
must look to other causes.

Of the imperfection in question, every the deal may be either
in the moral or in the intellectual part of his frame.

So far as it has its root in his affections in the moral
part of its frame, it may have its root in the the social,
the dissocial, or the self-regarding branch quarter of his affections.

In the socialby some tie of sympathy he is connected
with a party, having an interest in the creation of delay: – the Judge,
to serve his friend, creates the delay for his use.

In the dissocial. By some cause of antipathy, he has one or
been led to cause regard one of the or other of the parties with other of the parties, has become to whose interest the delay is prejudicial has been rendered the object of his enmity.
ill. To gra It is for the gratification of this passion that he creates
the delay.

In the self-regarding priority quarter – To give the requisite dispatch
requires on his part a certain degree of exertion; and that
exertion gives him pain. It is for avoidance of this pain, for
the gratification of his love of ease, that he suffers the delay to run on.

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