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14 May 1807

Fulfill his engagements – What? whatsoever be the
amount and proportion of the advantage to the other party?
whatsoever be the amount of the disadvantage to himself?
There are a swarm of subordinate questions inquiries of which that
on the occasion of which the dyslogistic word using is employed, is but
one. That any precise rule of recompense for the use of
money – any precise rule of interest should be fixed in any
country, (unless there be an adequate advantage in giving favouring
to government in the character of a borrower, by the an exclusion
put upon competition) has been endeavoured to be done at large
in another wish. But admitting for arguments sake the
propriety of such fixation, still the rate proper to be fixed
will be different in different countries, as well as in the same
country at different times.

The fulfilment of engagements, is that an act commanded
by the dictates of justice of natural justice? The fulfilment
of an engagement by which a man has undertaken
to pay usurious interest, is than an act commanded by
the dictates of natural justice? If to the first question the
answer must be in the affirmative, to the second question in
the negative, here then is a contradiction, a repugnancy, between
two dictates of justice natural justice.

☞ Add, if necessary, insurance of incingi goods.

Thus it is that the dictates of justice are to such a
degree understood and entangled with the dictates of legislation,
that a specimen of a dictate of justice to which such that by
the dictates of utility the legislator is every where and for ever
prohibited from making any exception to it and every exception
as to the extent of it a contradiction, is perhaps nowhere to be found.

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