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Scotch Reform

V. Ch. 5 Of evidence, for the proof of salient facts

Such evidence in the nature of the case admitts of and
furnishes, such is the evidence that in each case must
be received or .

It the fact in question remote, be a certain degree in point of
where ? Of personal evidence oral if original original oral evidence the most common resource is out
of the question. What remains if in so far as in each individual instance the nature of the case happens to furnish it possible is real evidence, hearsay
evidence and written evidence – original or unoriginal
or both, the case may be.

Here at least are the for
chance might .

Facts incriminative and disculpative
i:e: belonging to criminal
stand excluded from this class.

But, my Lord, (sitting and what concerns introlocutors)
what there is of it is good, and the univ
amount of that good not altogether inconsiderable:
far too considerable to be despised. and from with contempt ⊞ Happy the people of England could they be more happy than they are in a way to be, admitted
to partake of the boon there found by casual pressure out of the
grace of hostile power into the lap of Scotland. Under the fee gathering system
So rare is any
admixture of good in the production of the man
of law, that any the least partook that makes
its escape, any stray part that can be
descried in the immense dung bill, ought to be
taken up with eagerness eagerly caught up, and deposited even it only for the sake, in the royal

Alas my Lord! the one dung bill of your Lordship's
learned Reformer a willing and friendly eye I could descry contains no such pearls.

Let not Lord Grenville be seen mixing with the herd
of those vulgar politicians whose opposition instead of being
repelled is but appointed by the light of any pretence of good that shames
the other side of the House: nor of those ever discontented and uncontentable
who when the goodness of a proposed measure
is beyond the reach of dispute, endeavour to call of it
and call off the attention to it, by clamouring for this or thus
is t'other measure which good or not, has not been proposed
nor on the occasion in question lay in the way to be proposed.

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