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4 Novr 1807

If any further than as far as the supreme will had
manifested itself as in (viz. by Statute law) or on general principles
could be supposed to interest itself take an interest in the decision, (as in can be points
of a constitutional aspect) rectitude of decision and thence (prevention
of misdecison) was an object looked to in on
supposed to be provided for or served, on the occasion of the appellate jurisdiction of the House of Lords,
it or supposed to be provided for or served by it, it must have
been on the score of exemption from partialities or other sinister
interests, and not on the score on any such score as that of superiority in legal

If this observation position, the case of Scotch appeals, will as far as it
goes, be recognized as allowed to afford a sufficient proof. From the supreme
local judicatory of that kingdom, with 15 Judges in it, all unanimous,
an appeal may be presented to the House of Lords. Arrived
at the House, what is the quantity of appropriate legal servicedecision of experience in
Scotch law, that it finds them? Those Lords, the least possible
complement, is for business judicial busines of that this sort, the most usual number:
the Bishop by whom prayers have just been read, the Chairman
of Committees, and the Lord Chancellor by whom the business is conducted. To either
the noble Chairman, or the Right Reverend Violate, English or
Irish, to ascribe any superiority of service in superior acquaintance intimacy with Scotch law,
relation being had to the supreme Scottish judicatory would not be compliment but mockery. If from those
to Assessors, on this, not to speak of other judicial occasions, bodily
presence is all that is expected, the Appeal is an effect from
the 15 Scottish Judges to the one English one, the Lord Chancellor.
To the Lord Chancellor antecedently to his
ascension onto the Chancery Bench it may have happened
to have been concerned in the character of Advocate, at the of the House of Lords to have had cognizance of a score
or two of Scotch Appeals, or it may have happened to him,
as in a like instance soever to have had been concerned in a any an Scotch cases so much as a single
Scotch cause, any more than any English Equity cause.

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