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The noble and learned Ld is used to those things: as will address the

4. The honest part of the suitors, who for so many anxious years have been waiting in vain for that justice which
in profession has been held out to them, which they have so
clearly paid for, and which in the ordinary course of nature,
mortality considered, in so large a proportion of theme are
destined fated never to receive.

It is to honest part alone of the army of apparent martyrs that the interest
and consequently the desire of receiving justice at the hands of this from this its highest
highest judicatory is confined: Collecting finding the out if they could collect themselves
into a body, they would obtain a possibility of being
heard: heard, not indeed with a degree of attention approaching to
that which has been bestowed upon the Faculty of Advocates, but at
any rate, of being heard.

In vain is it, Seen in their unhappy situation is the recourse to
anonymous letters: all such things miseries have spent their force the noble and learned Lord is used to those:
things as well address them to Buonaparte. Put fire and sword
into them, they may shake his nerves indeed: but by the
shaking tremor of the nerves with sympathy be but into the heart, or
power of for into the head?

The business is to find one another out and join in a petition.
His anger, were it ever so fierce could not be so fatal to them
as is now his apathy. His anger, the last corners among them would
according to under the facts state of things reported as above by himself not be exposed to for these six years: anger does not thus long
live in English bosoms: his apathy they have these six years
to suffer by. In their number too they would find a security: vengeance it is always
be by: former wi among ringleaders that vengeance finds its objects, not in promiscuous multitudes: and where better sides jointed, as both sides would be disposed to do when both sides are alike honest vengeance could not by an unjust decision sacrifice either without but to the advantage of another whose the prospect of whose enjoyment would in an equal degree be powerful to the eye of vengeance.

The business only difficulty would be to find one method out. What the Register
Book would shew – a document – to from which sense of them at
least might obtain the requisite extracts without difficulty – is the list of suitors on both sides and
accompanied probably with an indication of the lawyers respectively concerned for them in the character of Sollicitors. What
the Register book would not shew is – which of them are is honest:
this is a point which nothing can ascertain but not to be ascertained by any thing but experiment.

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