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22 April 1807

Thus there stands the matter efficacy of the remedy called costs in the case where the Appellant, appeal Such then is the worth of the remedy, in the case where the
being a malâ fide one is liable to be presented, with of profit,
in contemplation by
Appellant, being a Defendant in possession, who is in solvent
circumstances: in some instances in cases of small importance possessing presenting a chance of being
efficacious; in cases of greater major importance, quite altogether certain of
not being to a certainty: the inefficacious: and the more certain, the greater the importance
of the cause.

In the other case, above, viz. he defendant or being insolvent, the
appeal has for its object end in view the time for embezzling or dissipating
or the property that same remedy is purely
altogether devoid of efficacy. In any every instance
whatsoever, either the time subject matter in dispute is lost
in toto to the right owner, or if in any part preserved – not by
this remedy but by some other means: say, for example, security for instance
found by
good or bad found for eventual satisfaction (payment, restitution
according to the subject matter of the injury) security from good or bad, given by some other person
or persons in the character of bondsmen – Bill. p.29 bail or bondsmen.
But of this further on under another head.

In the case of the solvent purchaser of the delay customer of to the delay-shop, the
interest alone perishes; at least in the first instance: (see
delay tables, Table II for the contingent mischiefs.) In the case of the insolvent
customer, the principal itself that which is exposed to perish in the first
instance, is the principal itself.

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