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The part of them is taken already the heads.

Whatsoever of them sees an honest suitor on the opposite
side, will find him in sincerity disposed as himself to join in
the any measures that afford a prospect of relief. Amongst
the suitors that other suitors whose causes stand upon the list, it will then be their business
to look out for associates. In every cause in which both
parties are honest they may expect both to join them: in every
cause in which there affords one dishonest party, they may expect
with probability the concurrence of one, and with certainty the
non-concurrence of the other another: the reception given to them the application will be a sort of

Before they set about the canvas, it concerns them to pay apply a
close scrutiny, not so much to the character – for that in
cases where sinister interest is covered by wrapped up in a veil of secrecy is
but a frail instance, as to his situation in point of interest in
relation to the cause. If he has by no gain at all, or by no
preponderant gain, he is attached to delay – to the grievance against
which they are seeking for a remedy, the sincerity of his concurrence may
be depended upon; in the contrary case his ordinary pecuniary interest
being at variance with his duty the chance of his sincerity on his part depends upon the acceptance of extraordinary probity to
throw its weight into the scale.

A body of petitioners thus to the House of Lords being thus
collected and formed from the books of the House, a reinforcement
nor that a contemptible one, might be looked for and found in
the Court of Chancery. It is not there in that quarter that the organization
should commence. In that quarter activity on the point of distress would be more
exposed to vengeance the vindictive hand of power. In that quarter too there the sufferers by delay
are not all of them without resource. It By the side as well as under
the Chancellor's bench stands a distinct judicatory filled by a co-ordinate as
well as subordinate Judge, and the Court of Exchequer has its Equity side.

In the case of a cause
Causes with many on
a side the calculation
may be made on the
like principles.

In every non-concurrent
they may
with reason ,
in every dishonest
they may be make sure
of having found, a
protégé of L the Lord
of the House of Lords,
a customer to the
Right Honourable
his Clerk of Parliament,
abd to
as well as to one ascertainable
list of
his collea official
colleagues and subordinates.

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