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3 Novr 1807 Superseded?
Lords Delegate Proposal Supplement

That in the number of those reasons, which (in which soever
sense) the words that if be a official cause in the nature
of things, or that of a final cause in the minds contemplating
it) the no such article as exclusion of misdecision ought
can with propriety be reckoned, same is a proposition the truth may be made
of which will tolerably apparent by several considerations concurr in rendering
sufficiently apparent, is a proposition that scarcely open to dispute soever pretty well out of doubt.
Three Lords, the most least possible complement, is for the
business of this sort the most usual number: the Bishop by
whose prayers have just been read, the Chairman of Committees,
and the Lord Chancellor, by whom this as well as other business is conducted, or other Speaker of the House.

If in that supreme judicatory the chances in favour of exclusion
of mis-decision, in other words of in favour of rectitude of decision
– of decision pronounced in conformity to the general tenor of that supreme
will which constitutes the standard of rectitude –
are to be regarded as superior to any that can be afforded
by any subordinate judicatory, it must be on the ground score
either of superior probity, or superiority of intelligence:
of intelligence, of which on this occasion the principal ingredient
will is generally understood to be composed of the particular
species of information which has received the name of science,
legal science.

Three Lords, the least possible complement, is for business
of this sort the most usual number: viz. the Bishop by
whom prayers have just been read, the Chairman of Committees
and the Lord Chancellor, in his quality of Speaker
of the House and conductor of the business of it, now and then replaced in
case of necessity by some other Law Lord.

If so far as probity is concerned, any superiority in
the article (viz. in respect of that sort of probity probity any such probity, by a deficiency
in which misdecision on the question of law is liable to be
produced) can with reason be looked for in a judicatory thus

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