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Decr 1807

The leaving the door of eligibility capacity of being elected open to Commoners
is an article that was inserted rather in deference to what
was supposed conceived by the proposer to be the bias of general public opinion, viz. among
Lords themselves, than in conformity to any individual
opinion of his own. As to the unlimited latitude of choice left open for the eventual admission of any such Commoners: at large viz. of such in whose existence presumptive evidence of superior aptitude for this superior judicial status may have been afforded by ability displayed in a subordinate rank of judicature or in professional practice. Were the right of election in any
other hands than those of the Lords themselves, it such an admission would
indeed be a most serious of their privileges: but
that right being in their own hands, and theirs alone, the consequence is – that by the enlargement of the field of choice
power the power of the House, so far from being upon is would be enlarged.

The known principle of human nature – the human
proprietary naturally and inherent in all corporate bodies, would
surely be sufficient to secure to a preference in favour of fellow members of the aristocracy,
under equal degrees of presumable aptitude. But
where the right of choosing election is preserved in the proper hands,
the security thus afforded, admitts does away is universally understood
to do away the necessity of choosing the looking exclusively
to the same class for the objects of device. The object
to be deemed
In the case of an elected a deputed body its perfection consists
in being the perfect organ of the will in mind the most perfect image and copy of the representative deputing body body: but to do pursue the will of the deputing body it is
not necessary for the members of the deputed body to be members
of it. The Kings Doing or not doing the will of the King, the
King's Delegates are not Kings: it is as little necessary that
the Lord's Delegates should be Lords.

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