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Click Here To Edit 1817 Dec 7 Liberty of the Press Reasons
Art 4 Reasons

3. Of every such censorial publication the tendency and
of it hasin so far as any the effect is to apply to the abuseexcesses of the superior 3, Of such writing the
effect is to apply the
only check of which
governmentabuse of the supreme
power is susceptible
To hold such practice
punishable is
therefore to avow or
advocate abuse to
the worst extent
consummate tyranny

power of the powers of government such the only
check, to the abuse of it in the most consummate degree
the only preventive of which it is susceptible

A functionary therefore who either prohibits or
declares himself thereby to be either in act or in intention
guilty of allsome at least if not the abuses ofto which government is exposed susceptible - of
all the enormities some at least which the most al tyranny is capable
of perpetrating.

4. Few if any governments are among civilized nations at least so lost to all sense of shame 4

No civilized government
so shameless
as to deny the greatest
happiness of the greatest
number to be its only
proper end.
This a mockery
if any man is prevented
from giving
indicative of any
instance in which
this end is counteracted.

as not to profess at least that the good of the whole community
i.e. the greatest happiness of the greatest number is
in every instance the object and end in it
towards which this conduct is in every instance derelict:
But to pretend that the good of the whole ispromoting of the interest welfare
as above their object constant and all is a mere mockery if of
those whose interes conditioninterest welfare is at their disposal
there isbe any one who is not at all times at liberty
to give indication of the every occasion in which
their interest is in his view of the matter least

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