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Liberty of the Press Reasons

Better ground for inhibition viz. view them scr, 3 Act. 2 Reasons

5. If for the promoting securing good government, the preventing
inhibiting and if possible preventing every the 5
If prevention of such
imputation be conducive
to good government,
so is prevention of
evidence and aspirant
on one side, to justice

of every discourse by which mal-administration bad government is
imputed to the rulers governors or any of them be an apt
and justifiable course, then on that supposition so it is that [+] for securing [+] in a case where
the right to an article
of property were in dispute
to leave government
on one point
and an individual
in the other point

the good administration of justice our equally apt
course should be A to X inhibit the Judge from hearing
arguments on more than one side, viz the side of
the government.

6. To stop the mouths or endeavour to stop and pins of all those who were 6
Such exclusion of
accusation is conclusive
evidence of consciousness
of inaptitude
and a violent declaration
of the habit
and intention of misrule
the worse the government
the greater the stranger its
interest and thence its anxiety to effect
such exclusion

had they been at liberty would have been accusers, is
unquestionably thea course which would be taken by all
men who were conscious of the either of the practice habit or the intention
of governing badly in any respect of exercising in a
the powers of government: and the more
mischievous their in habitact or intention theircourse of government
were, the greater would be their situation and endeavour
to succeed secure in the production of this effect. By taking
this courseBy Every government therefore by which this course
is pursued a virtual confession is thereby made either of
a habit an actual a past violation of misrule, or of an intention to violate its
either of the habit of maintaining or of the intention
to such a course of counduct, as if brought
to view would be found to be indefinable.

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