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Liberty of the Press Improbity
Art. 1 Reason

As in the individual, so in Society virtuous sympathy, and public
spirit are the exclusive growth of an advanced and highly cultivated

That for several years neither for man in general for his
country. nor for the class he belongs to, nor for the family he belongs
to, nor yet for any individual belonging to it does any such affection
as sympathy find place in the infant breast.

Not much beyond the individual in this respect is the
whole Society in its adult State in savage life.

Even in the comparatively civilized nations that have
lived and groaned in a state of despotism in the east, of no
such enlarged affection as that of sympathy for a country -
for the community in general been any traces ever found

It is a proof of no slight advance made in a
State in the rier of civilization and so in any rank of life
in any state if, so much of the pretention of being actuated
by any such sympathies is to be seen commonly
advanced in it.

And where such grievous pretentions are advanced
how noble is it to find find the affection so pretended to possess
any real efficient place at any real efficient part.

No where is the pretension ever so advanced but they
strengthen the affection where in any degree it really has
place is grossly exagerated.

Go into the House of Commons in the choraster
of the predominant not to say the exclusively operating
motive of the pure love of the public it is on every occasion

As fine and so exquisitely sensible is the affection
that whence the existence or so much of the degree of it questioned
is pain intolerable.

The presumption of him who dares to question it is
brought to receive in the of an intolerable injury
and to an injury as to cast an imputation upon
the if not the moral character of the audacious

To destroy all confidence in public men such they
say is your endeavour destroy all confidence in public men?
how? by what means? by stating those springs of action to be
predominant in your instance to which never can fail
to be predominant in any instance.

And of what men is the complaint? Even of them upon whom it having been proved to demonstration
and beyond the possibility of denial that their interest having
been contrary so that of the public their conduct hasbeen

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