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J.F. Colls's Journal


Packed up a Box
for Sir S.B. directed
to Mr. Berard, Montpellier
1. Copy of Queen's Trial
2. Hunt's Life – 4 Nos. of
3. Queen's Matrimonial
4. Non mi Ricordo.
5. Peep at the Peers.
6. Observer. Sept. 16, 1820.
7. Letters of Mr. Mill's.
8. Slip from Traveller.
9. Advertisement of
10. J.B. to S.B.
11. Catalogue of Genl.
Bentham's Hampstead
Furniture, &c, with
12. McCullock on Wine.
13. Green handled knife
and fork
14. Lottery Bills.
15. Dr. Russell's Seal
with a letter to him
16. Sheet of plain paper 17. "Rules for Government
of Gaols".
18. Dropt Clauses.
19. Nepaul &c. seeds
with a List of them.

R.D. sent with the
Box for S.B. to the
Black Bear Dilligence
from Piccadilly.
Preached by J.B. a
Letter to Mr Hobhouse
respecting Spanish
Commemoration Dinner
– Mr. Bowring &c –
took at copy of it.

Taken to the receiving
House by R.D. directed
to Mr. Hobhouse
at Hounslow –
Yesterday came a
Letter from Mr. Blaq.
Pau Sept'r. 17 –

---page break---


Given by R.D. to Bricklayer
Carr a Draft from
J.B. for £40.
R.D. set to coy out
of Morn. Chron. extract
from a Portuguese

Called at Effingham Wilsons
– got from him 6
Copies of Judicial Establishment.
Called at Wooler's Fleet Street,
got from him 4 Copies
of Plan. Cat – pd. him for
them as well as for the
one sent by him to Q.S.P.
t'other day.
Called at Stodarts Strand
to ask for 6 Copies of Parl.
Ref. Bill – Was told that
Mr. Stodart, tho' his name
appeared on the title page
het he never had more
than 6 Copies, of the Bill
and those he got from Effingham
Wrote to Effingham Wilson by 2d. post at J.B's desire, desiring
him to send us
six copies of the Bill
in the course of the day.
Als Put into 2dy Post at
same time Letter from
J.B. to Mr Bowring.
Came a letter from
Mr Bowring (but not
an answer to J.B's of
today) enclosing a Letter
just recd. by him from
Mr. Bowring Blaquiere dated Pau
Septr. 18
– also Bagnéres
de Bigorre
Septr. 21
Extract – "We shall
most probably leave this
about the 10th of next
month. So that if you
have not occasion to address
me by return of post, aux
soins de M. Bell, pavée du
Chartron, No. 4. Bordeaux –
It will be sufficient to direct
to Mrs B. aux soins de

---page break---


30 Contind.
Made Barker, place Vendome,
No. 22. Paris, where
I hope to reach on the 20th
Octr. by Letter Oct. 12 postponed
to 1st Novr.
Came a Letter from
Mr. Hobhouse in reply
to J.B. of 29th Inst.
relatg to Spanish Dinner and expressg his willingness
to subscribe his mite
for the diffusion of any
information in Spain
which J.B. may think
likely to be of service


Came from Effingham
Wilsons 6 Copies of J.B's
Parl. Ref. Bill – together
with a Letter from Mr.
Bowring to J.B. in reply
to J.B's of the 30th Inst.

Bot at Carliles 6lbs of
Radical Coffee at 1/- – Purchasers
who retail it have
it for 9d per lb.
Packed up and took to
Mr. Bowring Counting
House Cornhill 2. Copies
of the following works
of J.B.
1. Judicial Establishment
2. Scotch Reform
3. Codification
4. Chrestomathia
5. Evidence.
6. Parl. Ref. Cal.
7. Rad Ref. Bill
8. Panopticon
9. Springs of Action
10. Swear not at all.
11. Political Tactics.
12. Emancipate
13. Lords Delegates Paper.
14. Church Cat
With six Copies of
Chrestomathia Table II.

Came a Letter from
Mr. Blaquiere to J.B. dated
Bagnères de Bigorre
25th Septr. 1820.
R.D. sent to the Examiner
office of the 15 printed Copies

---page break---


5th contind.
taken by Mr. Hunt, at
J.B's desire, on each on
a half sheet of large
Bank Post paper, of
the account of
the proceedings at the
Triumph of Liberty
Dinner at Crown and
Anchor, which is to appear
in the Examiner of
next Sunday.
Wrote upon 11 of them
at J.B's desire, an announcement
of a more
copious and adjusted
account of the meeting.

Took the sd 11 Copies to
Mr Bowring's Counting
House, Freeman's Court.
N.B. Mr. Bowring had
taken to him by R.D. 2 or 3
days ago an similar account
of the Dinner &c.
prepared by Mr. Coulson.
Took to Foreign Post
Office two other Copies
of the Dinner proceedings –
1. To Mora directed as
before containing a
ms. copy of Lord Holland's
Enquiry into the
present state of Europe
copied from Traveller
of Octr. 5th, by R.D.
2. To Mr. Blaquiere
containing, on the
blank part of the half
sheet a letter to him
from J.B. directed
to Edwd. Bell esqe. as
Pd. 4s/4d for the two.
Bot on the 5th for
J.B. 16 Tickets of of admission to Taturn's
Lectures pd. 16s/-
What follows copied on
the Letter sent to Mora
& Designed for next post,
1. A an of opportunity of casting
reproach on the Rome-bred Judicial
Procedure of Spain, fact by a
comment on
the panegyric on delay in
Gasper Stermoda's Sermon.
2. Intimation Of the commencement of a
small supply towards the
publication of a Spanish
Translation or abridgment
of Townsend's Spain – same sound
information, is by this party
given to Mr Blaquiere.
3. Great desire here to receive a copy of the paper for which
Mr. Mora has been prosecuted: anxious expectation of the result.

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