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J.F. Colls's Journal


Sent By J.B. to Mill
S.Bs sliding reading
desk, brot. from Hampstead

Took to Bowring's,
to go to Sir S.B. thro'
Mr. Murdock, Mr. Bowrings partner;
the following trinkets
in a square
wooden box.
1. Portrait – supposed
to be Sir Sl. Bentham,
a miniature in a
2. A gold medal from
the Society of Arts.
3. Two gold Metals
of Dr. Fordyce and
John Hunter.
4. Brass scale in a
chagreen case.
5. Glass gilt bottle
in a chagreen case.
6. Fillagree box, in a
deal box, with a
7. Two gold rings – a
metal seal, and two
mock-pearl earing
drops, and four small
gold coins in a purse.
8. Pair of asparagus
9. Marrow Spoon.
10. One small silver
11. Small fillagree
wax candle box
12. Small fillagree
13. Glass or crystal
prism in a chagreen
14. Six Diamond pins.
15. Three silver pencil
16. Old Mother o' Pearl
Box – broken.

---page break---


18. contind.
17. Three blue stones.
18. One small Tunbridgeware
box with Trinkets,
and fragments
of do.
19. Chagreen case.
Books in the wooden
Box with the Trinkets
1. Mr Adam on Roads.
2. P. Bingham's Report
of the trial of an action
– brot. by Mrs Sarah
Bingham agst.
Rev. Gardiner.

Went with note from
J.B. to Mr. Lawrence.
Got from him "A new
Essay on Foreign Grass
– By Wm. Richardson,
M.D. – For S.B.
To tell J.B. that the
strawberry plants
he wd send himself
to Bowrings for J.B.
and that the Pine
seeds sd. not be
ready till March.
R.D. sent to Bowrings
with the following articles
for Sir S.B. Montpellier,
by favour of
Mr. Murdock.
1. Two pocket-knives
2. Various seeds in
small papers.
3. Plan of Slater's Cooking
4. Prices of trees and
plants from Lees.
5. Fruits recommended
for the South of France
by Lee.
6. Prices of seeds from
a seedsman through
Mr. Lawrence, in answer
to Sir S.B's Queries.
7. Lees and Co's List of
Agricultural and other
machines, with prices
and MSS observations –
with Mr. Lawrence's

---page break---


19 Contind.
8. Sheet of information
as to the culture
of Poppies for Opium –
Extracted by Mr. Lawrence
from Recent publications.
9. Richardson on Fiorin
grass – pp.91.
10. Rigby's Framingham
Agriculture pp.107.
11. Mr. Bentham to Sir
S. Bentham.
12. Two letters for Mr. John
Mill, at General Bentham's
13. Seeds from Mr. Aiton
the King's Gardener.
14. Cuttings from Tokay
Grape from Mr. Aiton
packed in a long tin
box, No. 13 and 14. not taken
to Bowring till 20th.
Papers which Sir S.B.
is to receive from J.B.
through Mr. Blaquiere
26 Rue des Moulins, Paris.
1. J.B. to Mora, Madrid
Editor of El Constitucional
Septr. 1820:
Letters 1, 2 & 3. pp.70.
2. Do. to Do. part of
No. 9, and the whole of
No. 10, giving an accot.
of Sir S.B. and said, by
Chevalier de Colomb,
Secretary of Legation,
to the Spanish Ministry
at London, to have been
transmitted by to him
to Mr. Mora – together
with a coy of Sir S.
B's "services"
3. Character of J.B. as
transmitted by M. de Colomb
to the Constituted
authorities, along with
a letter from J.B. to M.
de Colomb about a Codification.

---page break---


19 Contind.
Sent to Mr Blaquiere
Paris, by favour of
Mr. Murdock.
1. Mr. Bentham to
Mr Blaquiere
2. Mr Bentham to
Baron de Lessert
3. Mr Bentham to Duc
de Le Rochefoucault
4. Mr Bentham to
Admiral Chitchagoff
5. Mr Bentham to
Mr. Etienne Dumont
"Swear not at all" –
7. F. Romeo's answer
to Lord Liverpool's
Declaration of the
Neapolitan Revolution
pp.35, mentd. b J.B.
as having been just
recd. and a duplicate
thereof retained.
— —
Came a Letter from
Blaquiere to J.B.
26. Rue des Moulins
16th Decr. 1820:
Extract "When you
"write, be good enough
"to direct to Miss Rinker
but to this House".

Copied extract from
Blaquieres to J.B. to
be added to J.B's to
Dumont of 11th Decr.
by Murdock. –
Sent in a note to
Bowring by R.D. to
desire him to get
his Clerk to take another
copy of it for
Sir S.B. and enclosing
two gold pins
to be added to the
Trinkets – Copy also
sent of Dumonts 1st
Codification Letter
19th June 1818, to be
taken by Mr. Murdock.

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