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1821 March 27. 1822 Aug. 5.
Rid Yourselves

§.7. Anti Constitutional evils
II. Corruptive influence

1.<p>1821 March 27. 1822 Aug. 5.
Rid Yourselves

11. Comes now a still
more serious branch of
the evil: addition to force
of corruptive influence
operating on the probity
of Members, by whomsoever

Tendency, and ultimately
sure effect, of such corruptive
influence, producing correspondent
viz. to a particular interest
opposite to universal
interest, which will
thence be sacrificed to it.

Wherever, in addition to
deputation removable by
the people, there are other
functionaries not so removable,
having at their
disposal money or other
sweets of Government, by
possession or prospect of
these sweets, the thus removable
will be in a
state of dependence on the
thus irremovable functionaries:
and, to their particular
interest, necessary
and sufficient guards apart,
will sacrifice the
universal interest committed
to their charge. Corruptive
is the influence
applied to the production
of this effect: corrupt the
obsequiousness produced
by this corruptive influence.

Bating extraordinary interposition
of the people,
of this corruptive influence
the efficiency will be on
the encrease, till by it

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§.7. Anti Constitutional evils
II. Corruptive influence

the originally removable
agents of the people have
been converted into instruments
of a virtual
despotism, governing by
mere force, compleating
the sacrifice of universal
to particular and sinister
interest, converting
Government into an all-comprehensive
of depredation and oppression,
with no limit to the
plunderage but the solvency
of the plundered,
and that of the wealth
they give up without being
started for want of it.

Shortly, wherever to functionaries
dependent, are added
others not dependent on
the people, and with money
at command, the
power of those in their
dependence will be nullified
by those out of it.

Of certain dissolution
has therefore in itself
every mixt government
the seeds.
Sole government susceptible
of perpetuity and
pure Monarchy, and
pure representative democracy.

Spaniards! the change
notwithstanding, mixt
is your government:
purification apart, its
doom is – to perish by
corruptive influence.

---page break---

§.7. Anti Constitutional evils
II. Corruptive influence

Not now shall I enter
into the details necessary
to a correct idea,
and an all-comprehensive
account, of
corrupt influence: collateral
only is the topic
here: the effect of the
claim being – to give to
the poison not original
existence, only encrease
to the quantity, and acceleration
to its effect.

In the frame of your
Constitution, the Code
warrants the assumption
of the existence of
this poison, without proof.
Confessed it is, and if
by implication only,
yet by necessary do.: viz.
by arrangements having,
for their sole possible end,
the exclusion of it.

See Art 129: what the
use or object of it, except
the preventing Members
votes and discourses
from being influenced
by King's or his Dependent's
sinister interest
and wishes. "During his
deputation, Deputy can
not receive, or solicit
for another, employment
conferred by King?
Value of an employment
is it then destroyed by a
delay maximum 2 years
minimum two days.(a)

Employments here designate
what? those alone to
the conferring of which
the King's single will suffices?
or those also in the
instance of which he has
but the choice out of these
Candidates presented by
other hands?: as per Art.
171. 233. 237.

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