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Junctiana Proposal

S.3. Outline continued. Security to the company for
the enjoyment of the above benefits: Protection of the
Anglo American States, why desirable.

6.5. Proposition to be made to the Anglo-American
United States, to take the Junctiania Territory under
their protection, by admitting it into their Union:
when terms, except so far as shall be excepted, the same
in principle with those upon which the recently admitted
States have been admitted: admitted, namely for a
time, and while in a state of probation, under the administration
of the President of the United States, and as
soon as ripe, admitted on the same footing as those other
States, and with the same sort of Government. Considering
the benfit which, in so many shapes, these United
States would reap from the accomplishment of the
Junction, and the honor conferred on their nation by
the proposed spontaneous choice, their concurrence
seems hardly to be doubted of. As to this point see SS.8.

7.6. No Slavery, in any shape, to be allowed. Should
any vessel, with any slave on board, obtain admittance
into the territory, every such Slave, upon his entrance
into the territory, to be free.

N.B. It seems essential that, considering the magnitude
of the advances which the company would
have to make before any returns could be expected,
every security which the nature of the case admitts
of, should be afforded to it, and in particular against
any changes to which in their origin, States so lately
emancipated from so bad a form of Government, can
not but appear to stand exposed: Society and manners,
on the part of so large a proportion of the population
being as yet on so unfavourable a footing. See to this
point see S.7

For the preservation of its rights and powers
from injury, the company might stipulate for its having
the appointment of a Governor of the State so constituted
with a negative upon all laws. But quare as to the
need of this? See S.7.

8.7. The entire price of transit, at the rate of so
much per ton, to be made known and always kept
known to all persons concerned : no enhancement
by particular and undeclared collateral changes.8. The

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