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1822 June 25.
Junctiana Proposal

§.3. Mexico

In Mexico, should a persuasion to this effect
have already been obtained possession of men's minds, a proposal
such as the present seems to have no great prospect of
finding acceptance.

The probability however seems to be on the
negative side. I1. The first point on which this part of the
question will turn is-what is the quantity of capital
that will be requisite? As to this point, every thing is,
it must be confessed, in utter darkness. Estimate being as
yet altogether out of the question, what remains is loose conjecture
and without any thing but the general nature of the
enterprize for its ground, on this ground, no professional
man would, it is believed, set the expence as less than several
millions of pounds Sterling: between four and five times
as many dollars.

Whatsoever be the amount, thus much is
however certain - that the expenditure would require to be
kept, onrunning on-running on for a length of time probably for several years,
before any the least return for the money could be received.

That any such sum should be raised by
taxes, raised by Government in its infant and as yet unsettled
state, by taxes over and above all that will be requisite
for carrying on the ordinary business of Government,
is an expectation, of a result, which upon the face of it does not
seem probable.

As to ae capital, to be raised without taxes,-
a capital, to be furnished by a Joint Stock Company, having
for its members, to an exclusive and principal amount,
individuals belonging to the state of Mexico /\ the formation
of any such company depends upon two conditions:
1. Upon the existence of capital, to such an amount,
at the disposal of individuals:-
2. Upon the inability of finding other applications for its
and those of an ordinary nature, that would be still
more advantageous:-applications, in the instance of
which, the employment given to it would be undernot under the
eyeclaim of the proprietor at the choice of the proprietor, determined, on each occasion,
by the will of the proprietor, and would not, as in this case
case, have to wait, during an indefinite time, for every
the smallest return.

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