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1822 June 22?
Junctiana Proposal

would behold themselves exposed at all times to extortion:
to extortion blind and boundless: they would look to the
Vistula, to the Elbe, to the Rhine: in a word, to all those
water communications, which in Europe run through
different states: all this they would look to, and in the
scene of self pernicious selfishness so universally and constantly
exhibited in the old world, would behold evidence but
too conclusive of the like mixture of improbity and and improbity in the New.

To Columbia such virtual hostility could
scarce fail to be in a peculiar degree galling and irritative.
To Mexico to the exclusion of Columbia the junction would, affordin this Supposition, give the prodigious
advantage a of a water communication between theirher own
ports in the Atlantis and her own ports in the Pacific.
perMeantime, for this same advantage, in the case of Columbia, the demand
is equally urgent. Suppose Her next neighbour in possession
of it, and herself, for ever, either destitute of it or dependent
for it on the ever precarious good will of a foreign state,-
the very idea of such a state of things-could it, consistently
with the nature of man, fail to have irritation for its accompaniment?
While they themselves are confined to the
supremely tedious sea communication round Cape Horn,
or the not much less tedious internal communication
up the rapid current of the River Magdalena, with a tedious
land carriage at the end of it, - the mercantile men of
that established Republic, with their rulers at their
back, it is in the nature of man they should look with
other than an evil eye, on their rivals in the Mexican State,
if in the exclusive possession of so irresistible an instrument
for throwing them out of the Market?

The Columbians, it is well known to Mexicans,
have for a considerable time past been regarding
this jewel with a proprietary eye. After many unexpected
delays, as long ago as February 1822, a Civil Engineer
went from Europe to make surveys
in this view. Exclusion from it would produce in
their breasts the sensation of a loss. In the breasts of
the Mexicans, the non-acquisition of it would not produce
any such sensation as that of loss. By the acquisition
of it, in an equal shares of it in the here proposed partnership
footing, the sensation of gain would be produced alike
on both sides.


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